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Founded on the idea that objects can inspire, MUST Create is a collection created during my never ending quest to become a craftsman. I strive to create products with purpose, care, and quality to last lifetimes.  In the end it isn't about creating beautiful things, it's about creating experiences and memories that are cherished and passed on for generations and generations.

But why MUST Create? Well... because, I must create. I have always been building, making and fixing things ever since I was a kid and I'm sure this is what led me to art school (Cleveland Institute of Art) and eventually a designer at Balance Innovation and Design in Cleveland Ohio. In my professional career I find I do less and less with my hands. Since making is such a huge part of me, I have always done something on the side as a creative outlet or hobby of sorts. MUST Create is my attempt to take it seriously and potentially find away for the hobby to support itself. 

MUST  | Instruments - Handcrafted guitars and instruments. For sale or commission.
MUST Create  | Studio - Objects created while learning tools and honing technique. Offered for sale.

There are two sides to this venture, one with focus and one with the flexibility. Both of which I am very passionate about. My focus has been on acoustic instruments for the past ten years and this will continue to be my primary focus as MUST Instruments. Although, like many creative individuals, focus is a moving target and MUST Create Studio has been designed to allow flexibility in material and technique. Case in point, I have recently begun collecting and restoring metal working machines and plan to release products, in small editions, that incorporate techniques on milling machines and lathes learned while working side by side with my father, a retired journeyman pattern maker who experienced, and thrived, during the transition from manual machines to CNC technology. I also have plans for stitch and sewn products that are heavily influenced by mother who is a master with fabric, accomplished jewelry maker and keen photographer. She's a trained reference librarian and now runs an innovation center with 3D printers, CNC routers, vinyl cutters and large format printers. I use many of my grandfathers' and great grandfathers' tools and can only imagine what the other vintage machines in my shop have made before me. 

Selfishly, I have been creating opportunities to learn what I can from those who came before in hopes to pass them on to those after. If only through the products I make and the stories they tell. 

Thank you for stopping by, 
_Mike Tracz

Machines, Tools, Dust, Clamps, Cutting Oil, and Passion.

This is where it happens. A motley crew of vintage machines, hand tools, and artifacts from my families past. I enjoy restoring old cast iron and feeding off its endless supply of MOJO. One can only wonder what these machines helped create before our paths crossed. I'll eventually include a gallery of the machines I have restored. You can find what they have made in any of the Construction Galleries on this site. 

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I'd love to work with you to create something special. Send me a note if you are interested in owning / creating a one of a kind instrument or for more information on available products. I look forward to hearing from you.

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