Jerry's Double Back Weissenborn - 2018

An experiment in sound and the dampening effects of a players lap. This guitar was created along with a standard model with the exact same materials, specifications and construction methods except for one element, a floating Western Red Cedar back. The idea was that if what touched the players lap wasn't muted it would sound different. Would it be louder? More dynamic? A dud? I didn't know, and there wasn't another to benchmark to reference other than examples in dulcimer, mandolin and classical guitar construction. So I had to try... In the end it is a more dynamic and subtle instrument. It doesn't scream like a traditional Weissenborn but can be manipulated unlike any other and should make a terrific recording instrument.  The experiment was in fact a success and its current owner seems pleased with the results.  

This one lives with Jerry Douglas

mustguitars-weissenborn-2018expt (8).JPG

Sycamore back and sides with a Western Red Cedar top and floating back. All bracing is Engleman Spruce and attached with hide glue. The fingerboard, headplate and bridge are Pau Ferro. Purfling and rosette appointments are Walnut and Maple veneer. 

Double Back Weissenborn:
Scale: 25  •  Overall Length: 38.5 •  Lower Bout: 15.25  •  Upper Bout: 10.5  •  Waist: 8.75  •   Depth at 1st Fret: 2.5  •  Depth at Tail: 4.19

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