John's Weissenborn - 2018

My standard Weissenborn style acoustic lap steel.  It originally served as the 'control' in an experiment to see if a double back would produce a 'better' sound because it wouldn't be dampened by the artist's lap when played. It served its purpose but in the end took on a life of its own. This guitar uses a floating back brace system credited to Jeff Traugott and was incorporated and refined with his permission. This instrument differs slightly in that it uses two floating braces, rather than the typical single, to further increase the structure of the back knowing it will bear the weight of the instrument and artist during a performance. This was a huge improvement and I plan on using this method on every instrument moving forward not only because of the structural integrity but the ability to tune the back off of the sides. Detail photos of the interior can be found in the construction gallery below. 

This one lives with John Butler.

Scale: 25  • Overall Length: 38.5 •  Lower Bout: 15.25  •  Upper Bout: 10.5  •  Waist: 8.75  •   Depth at 1st Fret: 2.5  •  Depth at Tail: 3.37

Sycamore back and sides with a Western Red Cedar top. All bracing is Engleman Spruce and attached with hide glue. The fingerboard, headplate and bridge are Pau Ferro. Purfling and rosette appointments are Walnut and Maple veneer. 

John Butler loving every minute of life. What a great show John Butler TrioMamma Kin and Spender put on at the House of Blues in Cleveland. It was an honor to send the stick home with John, may it sing forever. Check out Mama Kin Spender you can't miss this duo!!!