The One - 1995

True story. I really wanted three guitars that I couldn't afford, a Gibson ES335, Gibson Les Paul and Paul Reed Smith Custom. Between the support of my father, his shop and 'Make Your Own Electric Guitar' by Melvyn Hiscock this guitar was born.

Although the body weighs a ton (must have missed the chapter on chambering the body), the neck is a beast and the sculpting of the body could have been refined a bit more it gave me the confidence that I could not only make a guitar but a design a guitar that was unique, appealing and captured the elements I wanted in those three unobtainable unicorns.  Someday I'll slim down the neck, knock down some sharp edges, and engrave that truss rod cover with her name... I meant to name her after this girl I had a crush on at the time. 

In the end it played well, sounded great and surprisingly impressed (or so he said) Mr. Paul Reed Smith as witness of his signature on the control cavity cover on the back. We met up at a signing he was having at a Guitar Center for all owners of his instruments. I crashed his appearance and got lucky, he could have kicked me out. 

And that girl I had a crush on... Well, we've been together ever since and I am lucky to be her husband and call her my wife. 

Paul Reed Smith signature on control cavity plate

Scale: 24.75  •  Body Length: 12 •  Lower Bout: 3  •  Upper Bout: 3  •  Waist: 6  •   Depth at Neck: 3  •  Depth at Tail: 3.5


The fingerboard and hardware were purchased from Stewmac and the rest started out as slabs of wood from a local hardwood supplier. The Mahogany and Maple body was carved with with rotary tools, hand planes and cabinet scrapers.  The laminated Paduak neck (I read somewhere Classical guitars used Paduak for the neck) was shaped with spoke shaves, rasps, and  sandpaper revealing the sweet smell of cotton candy.