Trash Can Music - 2007

It started out as a a build for a fine musician in Boston (bunt pan resonator) and quickly turned into a series of instruments made with found objects. The collection includes a bunt pan resonator, Altoids cigar box lap steel and cookie tin banjo. I was really into Kelly Joe Phelps and Bella Fleck at the time... and well I still am. 

Everything but the tunings machines were either custom built or heavily modified to suit the instrument.

Resonator:  The resonator is a floating bunt pan with 'spider' bridge. The neck is made with dumpster plywood and the body is a lunch box that still opens when the strings removed. 

Lap Steel:  Altoids tin resonator set in a cigar box with a laminated Maple neck rescued from a scrap pile.

Cookie Tin Banjo: Cookie tin and reclaimed Poplar neck. Hardware, bridge and fingerboard purchased from Stewmac.