Edwin's Five String - 2017

A one of a kind instrument for a one of a kind artist.  A mix of design and construction pulled from my standard low G ukulele and six string small body tenor guitar. This was fitted with a K&K Sound Aloha Twin pickup and modified mandolin tuners.

As a kid, I used to climb the cherry tree that makes up the back and sides. It had to come down because of insects and fortunately my father had the foresight and patience to save a section and have it milled locally. Not it will live for many years to come. I really enjoy the sound cherry produces and plan on exploring this timber in the future. Not only because it is easy to work with but it is local and sustainable. I can find boards that have fallen naturally and were processed responsibly. 

Six strings - Baritone and Tenor size bodies.
MUST-Guitars-Edwins5-comp (5).JPG
MUST-Guitars-Edwins5-comp (3).JPG
MUST-Guitars-Edwins5-comp (6).JPG
MUST-Guitars-Edwins5-comp (2).JPG

Scale: 17  •  Body Length: 12.31 •  Lower Bout: 8.63  •  Upper Bout: 6.13  •  Waist: 5.13  •   Depth at Neck: 2.69  •  Depth at Tail: 3



Cherry back and sides, Sitka Spruce top finished with French Polish. Fan braced with Sitka spruce and hide glue for superior sound transfer and ability for future repairs. The fingerboard, headstock plate, binding and bridge are Indian Rosewood. Nut and saddle of bone. The tuners are modified mandolin tuners to reduce the overall weight and improve the balance of the featherweight instruments. Strung up with La Bella strings and tuned to A. 

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