Six String Ukulele - 2010

I was really interested in the sound the ukuleles were producing but I was unwilling to learn how to play ukulele in order to justify making one for myself. I play guitar, although not well, so six strings just made sense. Tuned like a guitar with a capo on the fifth fret this little instrument packs a punch. Ever since finishing this, my two 'big' guitars haven't seen any time out of their cases and I have made a handful of these since.  The top is from the cutoffs from 'Freight Train Parlor', the neck from 'Blake's Tenor' and the back and sides remnants from the neck of 'The One'. This little guitar has mojo to spare and is my favorite guitar I own. 

Scale: 17  •  Body Length: 12.31 •  Lower Bout: 8.63  •  Upper Bout: 6.13  •  Waist: 5.13  •   Depth at Neck: 2.69  •  Depth at Tail: 3


Sitka spruce top, Mystery Mahogany neck, Paduak back / sides, Indian rosewood fingerboard and maple purfling. 

This was built in the traditional Spanish heel construction. The five fan braces are combined with an angled lower transverse brace meant to open up the base side of the soundboard.

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