Weissenborn Pair - 2011

Inspired by artist like John Butler, Jerry Douglas, Kelly Joe Phelps, Xavier Rudd, Martin Harley, David Lindley, Trevor Green, Thomas Oliver, and Ben Harper to name a few. It was seeing these artists on stage when began to I realize there was something different in their performance, something you just don't experience through listening alone. That raw emotion and intimacy of a slide guitar. A focus and bond between the artist and the instrument that just isn't there when the guitar is hanging off their shoulder facing the audience.  The lap slide guitar is staring up at them and them back at it. This sent me on a journey to create this connection.

These first two reference many of the traditions of the Weissenborn style guitars. Although the bracing is tweaked a bit, material choices completely different, and shape just ever so slightly my own they still sound and act like their predecessors.  These two also marked a transition in my building methods, materials, and fidelity. I now use only hide glue for bracing, hand tools more than power, and choose local sustainable wood if at all possible.  

I am proud to say these two are out in the wild. The sycamore Weissenborn lives with Kelly Joe Phelps and the mahogany Weissenborn lives with Anthony DeMore. 

Photo by  Rob Muller

Photo by Rob Muller

I discovered through these two that a guitar doesn't have to be made out of spruce and rosewood to sound like a guitar. In fact 'ugly' ' cheap' and readily available materials make fine instruments. This is a barrier the industry and artists will have to work to overcome and I hope to help. 

Scale: 25  • Overall Length: 38.5 •  Lower Bout: 15.25  •  Upper Bout: 10.5  •  Waist: 8.75  •   Depth at 1st Fret: 2.5  •  Depth at Tail: 3.37


Both were made with Western Red Cedar tops, Pau Ferro fingerboard, Walnut and Maple purfling. 

One is Sycamore that fell naturally and milled less than fifty miles from my shop and the other plantation grown Mahogany not originally intended for instrument making. 

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